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The Big Thrill

Gerald M. O’Connor recently took time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for The Big Thrill: What do you hope readers will take away from this book? I hope they learn something about the fallibility that resides within us all. Perfection is an...

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My First Q&A

The Origins of Benjamin Hackett takes place in your hometown of Cork, Ireland. For people who are not familiar with the region, what is it like and why did it become the perfect setting for your book? The county of Cork is no small place. It is a big unwieldy organism...

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Developing a Writing Habit

If you have not already heard, there are numerous real-life benefits to developing a daily writing ritual. Whether it's writing a journal, poetry, fiction, nonfiction, or anything else, writing is a unique form of self-expression that strengthens communication skills....

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My Goodread's bookshelf

The Death of Tarpons
it was amazing
The Death of Tarpons by Les Edgerton is a coming-of-age book set in Freeport, Texas in 1955. It tells the story of Corey John, who, on facing his own death, returns to his hometown and recounts the harrowing days of a pivotal summer in h...


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